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2017-03-27 | v. 13

Shaping the rail traffic of the future

The Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies - ASTOC (Branschföreningen Tågoperatörerna) - acts on behalf of the country's train operators. Since the beginning of 2001 we have been a natural part of Swedish business life, aiming for rail traffic services that provide optimal benefit to customers and society. For the customer this means safe, fast and comfortable transport, providing value for money with the least possible impact on our environment. ASTOC consists of some 30 member companies.  Together we are shaping the rail traffic of the future.

Mission statement

The Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies shall meet the need of train operators active in Sweden to have a strong trade body, actively promoting interests common to the commercial rail services in matters related to the Swedish Government and Parliament, public authorities, principals, the media and other interested parties, both national and international.


Please see the Swedish web page Medlemmar for an updated list of member companies.


ASTOC actively cooperates with Almega on issues relating to the provision of competent staff. ASTOC is also a member of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) in Brussels.

Uppdaterad   2016-09-26


Would you like to know more about us and what we do? Please contact us:

Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies – ASTOC
P.O. Box 555 45
SE-102 04 Stockholm

Visiting address: Sturegatan 11 [See map]
The closest metro station is Stadion (Karlavägen exit)

Phone: +46 8-762 67 11
Fax +46 8-762 67 58
E-mail: info@tagoperatorerna.se

Björn Westerberg (CEO)
Phone: +46 8-762 67 11
Mobile: +46 73-802 67 11

Crister Fritzson (Chairman)

Sturegatan 11, Box 555 45, 102 04 Stockholm Tel: 08-762 67 11 | Fax: 08-762 70 29 | E-post  |  Om webbplatsen  |  In English  |  RSS